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Debt Collection Dubai, UAE

Debt Collection is one of the most highly demanding services in UAE for the sake of a company’s reputation and assets. Through our Debt Collection Service, we recover your unpaid invoices, bounced cheques, etc., which can be a daunting and prolonged process. We are experienced in Negotiation, supervision, alliance, and settlement in a cordial way to collect the due amount and handling the cash flow. We can help you not let your debts turn into bad debts.

Claim Collection

For all B2B or B2C and vice versa claims against debtors, we recover your claims with a greater understanding of the reputation our clients have. We act legally and professionally targeting to recover all the claims whilst maintaining the business relationship.

Receivables / Trade Collection

Where it goes out of hands or gets no more possible for businesses outside of any jurisdiction, we provide services to such claimants to help recover all the receivables from their customers against the provided services and goods. In our debt collection agency, expert trade collectors know details of how trade deals work and how receivables have to be recovered. We can also take the matter to courts providing all the legal assistance. With our global access, we can trace and approach debtors for you.

Through our Debt Recovery Agency, we act professionally and with great responsibility. Debts for the following reasons can be collected through us without any fear of losing business reputation and relationships.

Unpaid invoices:

This is a matter of serious concern for the businesses and freelancers as it is critical for profits and also consumes the valuable time of claimant to follow up. This gets more worst when the debtor stops attending calls and responding to any emails.

Bounced cheques:

Also referred as “Dishonored or bad cheque”, the issue of a bounced cheque can arise in individual or commercial transactions, that may include but not limited to, a rented property, purchases, loan payments to banks or other lenders, etc.

Breach of contract:

When a party under a contract fails without a legal excuse to abide by all or part of the promised and agreed contract, it will be considered breaching a contract. This may include payment against service as per the terms defined in the contract.


Business to Consumer Collections are needed to be paid for Hospital bills, government debt, insurance, loans etc., where a business owns a claim against an individual.


Business to Business Collections as the name refers involves two business entities and thus the process for collection, in this case, requires a more sophisticated approach due to the business relationship.
To recover the debts for any of these matters can be a daunting and prolonged process. Negotiation, supervision, alliance and settlement in a cordial way are required to collect the due amount and handling the cash flow.

When to Hire A Debt Collection Company:

  • When you are experiencing unusual delays in payments

  • Not getting any formal reply or being avoided by the debtor

  • Start getting negative signs from market

  • Be attentive, don’t wait for the things to get out of control

  • Be proactive while handling debts to manage cash flow

  • Never give extra time to the debtor

If one is experiencing any or all of the above situations, it’s suggested to hire a Dubai Debt recovery agent or receivable collection agent to proceed rationally. The proficient receivable collection services have the expertise to deal with the monetary issues in the most beneficial and conceivable manners to make secure verdicts.

Benefits of Debt Collection Services Assistance from Al Ittihad Debt Collection :

  • Our network of skilled individuals for global debt recovery utilizes propelled tools to find and contact the debtors in all four corners of the world. We will trace the debtor’s data and consistently correspond with them through written and verbal means.

  • Our debt recovery Dubai agency can deal with the issue proficiently and professionally as we are expert in how to deal with debt defaulters. With our assistance, you can save your time, cash and resources to invest in your imperative business and more vital things.

  • We are well aware of avoiding needless extra & legal charges to recoup unpaid invoices.

  • The chances of getting the debts paid will increase when you involve professional receivable collection services in the process. Most debtors don’t want to get into legal inconvenience.

  • We perform pre-trial work very efficiently by sending a claim to the Debtor, making calls to the Debtor’s office and meetings with the Debtor to settle the matter without the need of legal proceedings.

  • In case the debtor is not responding favorably to the negotiations then we can move to legal proceedings in the first instance of the court. In this step we do preparation of the claim, support of the case in court, sending the petition for freezing the Debtor’s assets and perform the follow ups.

  • We encounter the tactics to postpone the process by Debtor when they appeal against the decision in favor of the claimant.

  • We also provide our assistance in the stage of interaction with the office of the bailiff with a court decision to recover the debts for our clients when the decision is in their favor.

  • In case of already filed or possible bankruptcy of the Debtor and guarantors, we analyze the deals of the Debtor to bring them to subsidiary responsibility.

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