Al Ittihad Debt Collection LLC.
Completed 4000 transactions in 2018 year

Al Ittihad Debt Collection LLC is a prominent debt resettlement and based in Dubai UAE. It was founded by our respected consultant – EHAB AL FATHY – General Law.

It compromises of multitalented officers, and administrative support staffs. They are faithfully assures to overcome the diversity and challenges in the field of profession by providing a wide range of professional and specialization.

Debt Collection

Our debt collection attorneys are highly experienced and specialize in debt recovery through dispute resolution, mediation, negotiation, and settlement, as well as criminal and civil litigation. We can adapt recovery action to your circumstances and represent either the creditor or the debtor in these matters. Understanding the channels and processes enables our team to provide successful remedies whenever feasible, including through the power of the UAE judicial system as a last resort, if necessary.

When to Hire A Debt Collection Company:

  • When you are experiencing unusual delays in payments

  • Not getting any formal reply or being avoided by the debtor

  • Start getting negative signs from market

  • Be attentive, don’t wait for the things to get out of control

  • Be proactive while handling debts to manage cash flow

  • Never give extra time to the debtor

If one is experiencing any or all of the above situations, it’s suggested to hire a Dubai Debt recovery agent or receivable collection agent to proceed rationally. The proficient receivable collection services have the expertise to deal with the monetary issues in the most beneficial and conceivable manners to make secure verdicts.

Who We Are

Al Ittihad Debt Collection LLC is a leading debt collection agency that provides high-quality services to clients across UAE. We specialize in debt recovery and have a passion for helping businesses achieve financial stability. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing efficient, personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

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